College of Charleston’s Andrew Lawrence to be documentary subject

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Apparently, it’s film trailer day here at CBT. Worse things have happened. Courtesy of Hoopsfix.com comes a teaser trailer for a new documentary about Andrew Lawrence’s journey to London as a member of Team Great Britain. Lawrence is a London native who just happens to be a star player at College of Charleston. Along with [more]

Will collegiate players return to Olympic basketball?

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As a man of a certain age, I’m very tempted to employ the phrase “back in my day”. It gets more difficult to resist with each passing season. Especially with basketball going through absolutely seismic changes in organizational structure over the past half decade. For instance: “back in my day, it was called the Big [more]

Cal Poly guard joins Calipari’s Olympic quest

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You may not know the name Amaurys Fermin. The senior has been part of a rebuilding process at Cal Poly under coach Joe Callero for the past four years, helping the team go from a 7-win cellar-dweller in the Big West to an 18-game winner this past season. Things were getting better under Fermin’s floor [more]

UK Futures team features US college stars

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Basketball has long been a truly international sport. Some nations have been more successful in implementing the theories and practices of good ol’ Dr. Naismith than others, of course. The United Kingdom would be one of those less assertive roundball non-dynasites, but for how much longer? With the 2012 Olympics set to begin in London, [more]

Should Anthony Davis head to the Olympics with Team USA?


With Dwight Howard now out for the Olympics and in need of back surgery, who will the United States turn to before the international games in London? Bill Simmons has an answer: Kentucky’s Anthony Davis. It makes sense. With the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum reportedly not interested in participating, Davis could be the inside presence that [more]