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Report: Man at center of corruption investigation says he gave cash to former USC forward Davon Jefferson

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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, a man at the center of a corruption case within the LA County assessor’s office says he provided former USC forward Davon Jefferson with cash benefits, which would be in violation of NCAA rules. The report identifies the man as Scott Schenter, a former appraiser whose [more]

So which Big 12 recruit got paid “six figures”?

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My favorite part of Eric Prisbell’s article from USA Today was a quote from former Houston head coach Tom Penders: In six seasons as head coach at Houston, Penders estimated, an AAU coach or his agent asked Penders for money in return for the commitment of a prospect at least 25 times. On one occasion, [more]

Sleaze is alive and well in the recruiting world


If you’re into reading about the darker side of college basketball and college basketball recruiting, than Wednesday was a day in heaven for you. First, it was Eric Prisbell from USA Today delving into the murky waters of the third-party recruiter. And while I’m not going to spoil the story, the part that is the [more]