Greg Kampe tweets a photo of Oakland’s new blacktop floor

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The court isn’t quite done yet. The 3-point and out-of-bounds lines (both white) are still covered inĀ tape. The new court design season has officially begun. On Tuesday, Oakland head coach Greg Kampe tweeted a picture of the new floor at theĀ Athletics Center O’rena.

The blacktop look isn’t where Kampe wanted to stop.

“We looked at trying to get the nets colored black (or) grey like chain-link nets, but there’s a rule that the nets have to be white,” Kampe told Rod Beard of the Detroit News. “We have graduation (in three weeks) and it has to be done before graduation, so we’re hoping that within the next 10 days it’s done.”

We’ve seen schools follow other designs over the last few years. George Washington, Memphis and Washington have all gone with the skyline look. Looks like Oakland is following UCF’s lead, which went with the blacktop look in 2013. Last summer, Northern Illinois also went with a mostly blacktop floor.

Northern Illinois unveils its new basketball floor (PHOTO)


On Tuesday night, the Northern Illinois athletic department tweeted out this photo of the basketball team’s new floor. Leading up to the official unveiling, NIU hadĀ posted portions of the floor, using the hashtag #NIUCourtPuzzle. It appears to be inspired by Central Florida’s design from last summer. The Knights approved the new look:

San Jose State’s new floor features characters from ‘300’? (PHOTO)

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The latest trend in college basketball has been to create a new and unique court designs to garner some attention and get some free publicity for the school and the program.

Florida International turned their court into a beach, Central Florida turned their court into a blacktop and George Washington turned their floor into the national mall.

But San Jose State?

Well, they take the cake, as the Spartans look like they put Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas and four of his cronies fromĀ 300 on their floor:

SJSU’s facebook page

Since the internet hates everything, it will probably hate this. But I’m not going to lie: I kind of love it. If only they had more arrows sticking out of him.

Here are the rest of the courts that have been changed this season:

George Washington
Colorado State
Florida International
Old Dominion
Central Florida
James Madison

(h/t Jeff Eisenberg)

New Mexico releases design of new court at The Pit (PHOTO)

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The New Mexico men’s basketball program is entering the Craig Neal era now that Steve Alford is in Westwood. On Monday, the school released an image of its new court at The Pit.

The school released the new court design via its Twitter account.

The University of New Mexico spent around $130,000 on the court renovations which began in July, according to Geoff Grammer of theĀ Albuquerque Journal. Grammer also noted that the floor is in place, and is waiting to be painted.

The Lobos finished one win shy of 30 this past season and with returning scorer Kendall Williams and top rebounder Alex Kirk back in The Pit this year, New Mexico is the favorite to win the Mountain West in Neal’s first season as head coach.