NCAA violations

The story that surprises no one

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David and Dana Plump are reportedly at the center of a Kansas ticket scandal and have been a conduit for Final Four ticket scalping. It’s no wonder the NCAA doesn’t want its coaches anywhere near the family’s foundation. From Yahoo! Sports: Due to the Pumps’ financing of elite summer prep basketball teams, the NCAA has [more]

USC hoops did its penance

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Kevin O’Neill is a happy man. USC’s self-imposed ban from postseason play, a reduction in scholarships and vacating victories from O.J. Mayo’s lone was enough to ensure the NCAA didn’t levy serious penalties on the men’s basketball team. Then again, given what the NCAA did to the Trojans football program, maybe it just forgot about [more]

More oversight an answer to NCAA issues?

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Guess Eric Bledsoe’s one of the (un)lucky ones. Turns out a fraction of athletes approved by the NCAA’s eligibility center actually have new information surface that causes a review. Question is, why didn’t the NCAA do an extensive review in the first place? The Lexington Herald-Leader posed that very question to the NCAA, and received [more]

Bledsoe goes on offense with allegations


New wrinkle for Eric Bledsoe concerning the N.Y. Times story about possible NCAA violations: He might sue. Didn’t see that one coming. One aspect of the report was a boost in Bledsoe’s high school grades. According to Kentucky Sports Radio, Bledsoe is thinking about suing whoever leaked his high school transcripts. If that happens, we’ll [more]

Waiting game begins for Kentucky faithful

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Questions surround Eric Bledsoe’s college eligibility. The NCAA is investigating issues regarding academics and extra benefits, according to a report from the N.Y. Times. Andy Lyons/Getty Meanwhile, Kentucky fans have only one question: What does this mean for the Wildcats? At best, nothing (though we won’t know for a while). At worst, it’ll be as [more]