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UConn's lengthy self-review missed two things

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Connecticut filed a 562-page response to NCAA allegations of major rules violations by Jim Calhoun’s program in an effort to show how thoroughly the school investigated itself. It conducted 60 interviews and made 350,000 phone calls and text messages during its four-year probe. But, according to the Hartford Courant, at least two items could prove [more]

Are UConn's woes just motivation for Calhoun?


Connecticut’s admission of major NCAA violations committed by its men’s basketball program produced reactions one might expect: Gloom and doom ahead for the Huskies. Calhoun’s a bumbling boss, ignorant of what happened under his nose. And outright indignation, aimed directly at Calhoun. Tony Ding/AP Tough to argue with any of those. When a program admits [more]

Pearl also violated recruiting rules in '04


When Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl reportedly played host to a pair of high school recruits in 2008 – a no-no according to NCAA rules – he took a photo with one of them. Why would he chance such a brazen move? Because he’s done it before. A report from ESPN’s Dan O’Neil and Pat Forde [more]

Barkley admits he took agent money at Auburn


Charles Barkley’s never been shy about speaking his mind. But he’s outdone himself this time. The NBA legend admitted on the Dan Patrick Show that he received money from agents while playing at Auburn in the ’80s. And — no surprise — he doesn’t have any regrets about it. “If a guy wants to borrow [more]

How much cheating are we willing to tolerate?


New NCAA president Mark Emmert supports tougher penalties for schools who break the rules. It’s sure to be a popular statement among fans and pundits, who’ve watched as the summer months turned into a bit of a dramatic mess. Forget the notable arrests and just focus on the NCAA issues: UConn and Tennessee self-imposed penalties [more]

Arizona's down 19 wins. Let's move on.

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The NCAA decided Arizona’s self-imposed sanctions (two years probation, a reduction of scholarships and recruiting days, among others) for recruiting violations involving former coach Lute Olson weren’t stiff enough, so it tacked on the loss of another scholarship and vacated 19 wins from the 2007-08 season. Not to sound too flippant, but can we all [more]