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Seniors rule our preseason All-America team


Who says everyone jumps early to the NBA? Our 2010-11 college basketball preseason All-America team is filled with upperclassmen.

Among the five teams (25 spots), there are 10 seniors – four of whom are on the first team – and eight juniors. What can I say? I’m a believer in experienced players.

Who on it? Click here to see the spiffy slideshow.

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Dunn's girlfriend says he 'has never struck me'


Contrary to a police report, LacharlesLa Edwards says LaceDarius Dunn never hit her.

The girlfriend of the Baylor guard issued a statement Wednesday stating that he “has never struck me during our long term relationship” and doesn’t want to press charges stemming from the Sept. 27 incident that sent her to the hospital.

Furthermore, she denied having a broken jaw and chided the media for having reported as much.

From the statement:

“My family and I are deeply disturbed about the misinformation and half truths that are being reported by media regarding the incident with my boyfriend,” Edwards said in the statement.

“What happened on the night of September 27 was an accident and I went to the hospital for precautionary reasons. I never expressed any interest in pressing charges nor will I in the future press charges on this incident. I am fine and my jaw is not broken as is being reported.

“My family and I wish to put this situation behind us. Lace and I will continue our relationship and raising our son in a good environment.”

She also asked the school to lift the indefinite suspension on the guard.

Given Edwards’ stance, Dunn seems unlikely to face a long-term suspension or serious legal action from the incident. Police can still prosecute, but without her cooperation, a conviction is harder to obtain.

If Dunn eventually pleads to a misdemeanor, expect a 4-game suspension from Baylor, which seems to be the standard punishment in cases like these.

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Baylor's Dunn arrested, suspended indefinitely

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Baylor suspended guard LaceDarius Dunn indefinitely following his arrest in Waco, Texas, the school announced Tuesday.

Duane A. Laverty/AP

Dunn was charged with aggravated assault for an incident with his girlfriend. Luke Winn of reports that Dunn “caused serious bodily injury” to the woman on Sept. 27 and turned himself in Tuesday. Waco police say he broke her jaw. Bond was set at $12,500.

The school didn’t say much other than it was gathering facts regarding the arrest, and had a straightforward quote from coach Scott Drew.

“LaceDarius Dunn has been indefinitely suspended from all team activities Drew said.

Dunn, a senior guard who is closing in on the Big 12’s career scoring record, was one of the key members to the Bears’ run to the Elite Eight last season when they won a school record 28 games.

He was named to the preseason list for the Wooden Award Monday and will likely be a candidate for the preseason All-America team.

UPDATE: Dunn’s girlfriend, Lacharlesia Edwards, doesn’t want to press charges.’s Jeff Goodman spoke to her father. From his blog:

“She said it was an accident,” Edwards told “She said she sneaked up on him in the dark and he hit her by mistake. It wasn’t a fight at all.”

“She doesn’t want to press charges or anything like that,” he added. “She’s torn up now that he’s been arrested.”

Charles Edwards said his daughter and Dunn have been dating since junior high school and have a 3-year-old son, Dillion, together.

“I’ve known him for a while and was hearing nasty things, so I drove down from Monroe, Louisiana to Dallas to find out,” he said. “I knew it was out of character, so I wanted to see for myself.”

“My daughter is much better,” Edwards added. “She’s fine. She and I really both thought this had already been dropped.”

Her father later added to the AP that “If something would have happened to my daughter, I would probably be in jail right now in Waco because I probably would have done something to that young man. In this case, she said they were playing, and that’s it.”

How this case will proceed is anyone’s guess.

It doesn’t appear that Edwards will press charges. And how will Drew handle Dunn’s suspension? Does he wait for all legal action to conclude, or simply suspend Dunn for a set amount of games and continue to monitor the guard’s behavior?

Either way, there’s no easy answer.

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