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New Orleans, Kentucky headline draft night winners

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On draft night there are winners and there are losers. While no championship title is given away based on who a team picks, the draft goes a long way towards determining whether or not a ring is possible. Below are some franchises, college programs and draftees who did well for themselves on Thursday night. Three [more]

Former West Virginia stand-out Jonathan Hargett reflects on an NBA dream lost


Once in a long while, a player comes along with as much hype surrounding him as Jonathan Hargett did. The Virginia native and former stand-out at West Virginia was once compared to Allen Iverson, but he now sits behind bars, a cautionary tale recounted by Slam Magazine. Hargett was flashy and skilled. He played alongside [more]

Anatomy of a meaningless game: Georgia Tech-Wake Forest

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On more than one occasion in my life, I have walked into a movie theatre with preconceived notions about the film I was about to see, negative impressions, perhaps of a clichéd romantic comedy or over-budgeted, testosterone-driven action flick. The resulting feeling is a preeminent dissatisfaction with the movie, really before there is any justifiable [more]