Greg Oden

Former Memphis star Joey Dorsey breaks a backboard in Europe

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Does the name Richard Elmer Dorsey mean anything to you? That’s Joey Dorsey’s full name, and you all remember Joey Dorsey, right? The 6-foot-7, physical freak played the role of Derrick Rose’s center as Memphis made the 2008 national title game didn’t field a team in 2007-2008, according to NCAA records. Dorsey has bounced around [more]

Dunks, smiles remain best part of Andre Drummond’s game

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Dunks are a majority of Andre Drummond’s game. Literally. The UConn freshman has hit 122 shots this season. Sixty-three have been dunks. When you’re 6-10, 270-pounds, that’s how it goes. But that’s all he’s really been able to do. And, as Kevin Duffy of the Greenwhich Post notes, that’s tough to take for a team [more]