Trust me, you want to watch Eastern Kentucky’s Marcus Lewis in a dunk contest (VIDEO)

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When we released our list of top dunker back in September, No. 5 on our list was Marcus Lewis, a high-flyer from Eastern Kentucky.

On Wednesday night, the Colonels held their Hoopfest which just so happened to include a dunk contest, and Lewis certainly didn’t disappoint. Fast forward to the :20 second mark for his first dunk, the 1:00 dunk for his second dunk and the 2:00 mark for his third dunk.

The first one is my favorite, and it’s all the more impressive when you see the second angle:


I mean, look at where he brings the ball down to:

Photo Courtesy of the Richmond Register

He dunked that!!!

And if you had any doubts about Lewis’ athleticism, his final dunk put them to rest:


Best dunks of the last decade? Don’t mind if I do (VIDEO)

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Yesterday, CBT’s blog-buddy CJ Moore put together a list of the top ten dunks of the last decade, and as a longtime lover of a good posterization, I have to put up a link to it.

It’s well worth your time.

But it’s nowhere near the be-all, end-all for great dunks of the last decade.

Since I know you have nothing better to do with your Tuesday (admit it, you don’t), here are a few more posterizations worthy of watching:

Perhaps the most famous facial of all-time, Hakim Warrick over Royal Ivey in the Final Four in 2003:


I mean, c’mon:


And along those same lines, check out this Michael Kidd-Gilchrist dunk against Portland back in 2011:



The biggest miss that CJ had, in my opinion, was this soaring dunk from Jared Cunningham. The call from the announcer takes it to another level:


Travis Leslie couldn’t do much more than dunk during his time at Georgia, but boy could he dunk. DeMarcus Cousins found that out the hard way:


Gerard Anderson of Cal St-Fullerton is one of the best dunkers I’ve ever seen, but he got caught on the wrong end of a poster by Jeff Teague of Wake Forest:


I love little guys dunking over big guys, so I present to you Shay Shine of High Point …


… and Will Bynum (not that Will Bynum) of Montana State:


Big guys can dunk over little guys, too, and it’s still just as awesome. Ain’t that right, Charles Garcia?:


Marques Blakely’s dunk against Albany in the America East final back in 2007 is one of my personal favorite dunks:


And finally, no dunk list is complete without this emasculation, courtesy of Kwame Alexander:


Pepperdine guard defies laws of physics


Pepperdine’s Keion Bell doesn’t care for Sir Isaac Newton. Gravity? Who needs it?

The guard stands just 6-foot-3, yet is known as one of college basketball high-flyers, capable of throwing down nasty dunks and jaw-dropping moves at any moment. (He also can play a little; Bell’s 18.5 points per game led the Waves last season.)

He dunked over five people at the school’s Midnight Madness event last year.

This year, he upped it to seven – and did it fairly cleanly (just a slight push off). There has to be a hidden trampoline, right?


I’m with the guys at Rush the Court. Next year Keion, try dunking over the entire student body. That’ll be a real challenge.  

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50 best college dunks of all time

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Have 15 minutes to kill? Can’t wait for college basketball season to begin? Try this.

Stellar, right? Don’t thank me. Thank YouTube user Mixst311, who spent the last two years researching dunks, watching videos and talking to people who love the college game all in the name of producing that video.

Yes, that’s a ton of work. There’s more detail about it here.

As for the inclusions, it’s a fab roundup. I would’ve liked to have seen Keith Langford’s alley-oop from Kirk Hinrich vs. Wyoming (from beyond half-court!), but hey, there are enough nasty dunks – usually thrown down on someone – to satisfy even the most discerning dunk experts.

Still … no Grant Hill vs. Kansas in the 1991 title game? Damn.

Mike Miller’s also on Twitter @BeyndArcMMiller, usually talkin’ hoops. Click here for more.

Missouri recruit gives us dunk of the month

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There are dunks, and then there are DUNKS. Phil Pressey’s belongs in the latter.

Pressey, a 5-10 guard out of Dallas, is headed to Missouri next season, but first he gave future teammate Tony Mitchell something to remember at the TABC All-Star game in Stan Antonio.

If Pressey throws down something like this with the Tigers, it’ll be a SportsCenter highlight for weeks. If we’re lucky.

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