Darren Collison

Howland clarifies UCLA point guard picture

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The UCLA Bruins have had many problems over the past couple-three years, many of them materializing off-court. One problem that has persisted on-court is the lack of a strong point guard presence. Not since the days of Russell Westbrook and Darren Collison has the ball really seemed to be in good hands the majority of [more]

The impact freshman of the 2012-13 season


Throughout the month of October, CollegeBasketballTalk will be rolling out our previews for the 2012-2013 season. Check back at 9 a.m. and just after lunch every day, Monday-Friday, for a new preview item. To browse through the preview posts we’ve already published, click here. To look at the rest of The Lists we’ve published, click [more]

Can UCLA really rely on Larry Drew next season?

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On paper, UCLA looks like a team that should be able to compete for a Pac-12 crown, a trip to the Final Four, and maybe even a national title. That’s what happens when you stock talents like Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson and Joshua Smith on the same roster. But the Bruins have plenty of question [more]

Plenty of ex-UCLA players come to Ben Howland’s defense

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For a coach who reportedly either berates or ignores players, Ben Howland had more than a few of his former guys come to his defense the last few days. A Sports Illustrated story casts the UCLA coach in an unflattering light and prompted an immediate reaction – and fairly soft defense – from the school. [more]