Conference expansion

Big 12 can't relax, it must be proactive

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  Of all the winners and losers from the recent conference realignment, none made a bigger turnaround than Dan Beebe. The Big 12 commissioner went from ineffectual leader to conference savior in record time. Some think schools like Kansas and Missouri should give Beebe’s name to the Nobel committee, while there’s little doubt nearly every [more]

More expansion rumors, this time with Big East

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I thought the conference realignment chatter would calm down once the Pac-10 and Big 12 settled their futures. Silly me. Orlando TV station WKMG reported that Central Florida and Memphis could be invited to join the Big East conference as early as next week. The good news? This rumor was denied fairly quickly. Memphis athletic [more]

What Big Ten divisions might look like

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Like the Pac-10, the Big Ten is weighing several issues by expanding to 12 teams. Yes, a new name is one. More pressing are scheduling and division alignments. The conference athletic directors meet in about six weeks, which means we could have six weeks of chatter and arguments regarding divisions. And that’s a scary thought. [more]

What Pac-10 divisions might look like


  As two new 12-team conferences take shape (Utah to the Pac-10 was official Wednesday), the question of the day is: What will the divisions look like? (The real question is what’s going to happen to the names. Big Ten, Pac-10 and Big 12 better be doing some swapping right about now. But I digress.) [more]

Big 12 officials, boosters talking big

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Say this for Big 12 officials and various bigwigs: Even when the chips were down, they never lacked confidence. Commissioner Dan Beebe, in a June 1 email to the Big 12’s school presidents obtained by, detailed several reasons why it would be in their best interest to stay put. One reason? Fair-weather fans. “For [more]

Memphis offering big bucks for a BCS spot


If money’s the driving force in the conference realignment, then why isn’t Memphis the belle of the ball? This story from CBS indicates FedEx CEO Fred Smith is willing to have his company pay handsomely to a BCS league willing to offer an invitation to the Tigers. Actually, handsomely probably undersells it. “It could [more]