Cameron Crazies

Duke players put some Cameron Crazies through preseason ‘boot camp’ (VIDEO)


The offseason for college basketball players is anything but a vacation, with the preparations for the upcoming season requiring them to make strides on the basketball court and in the weight room in order to improve their skill level. But what about the students who cheer them on throughout the course of the season? There really isn’t a “training” regimen for student sections, but rather the expectation that they’ll bring the energy needed to make their home court inhospitable to visitors and the occasional “cheat sheet” filled with chants to yell throughout the course of a game.

Duke junior center Marshall Plumlee took a different approach, as he put some Cameron Crazies through a boot camp of sorts in order to prepare them for the upcoming season. Plumlee took on the role of drill sergeant, with some of his teammates helping out with some of the drills. And there’s also an appearance from Duke assistant coach Jon Scheyer, who had to once again remind Plumlee that he doesn’t have his own office.

The video was shown Saturday night as part of Duke’s “Countdown to Craziness” event.