Grand Canyon and Bakersfield women’s game postponed due to medical situation

Getty Images

The WAC women’s basketball tournament saw postponement “due to a medical situation” on Wednesday.

Bakersfield and Grand Canyon had its quarterfinal matchup postponed by the WAC until at least Thursday morning. The postponement was reportedly due to a sick student-athlete.

Stadium’s Jeff Goodman reported it was a sick player who went to a local hospital to be tested. The player never went to the arena. It’s hard to say if this is anything more than a scare. But as the public health concern rises due to coronavirus, there is a heightened sense to postpone events when athletes feel sick.

Conference tournaments across the country will finish without most fans beginning on Thursday. The NCAA announced fans won’t be in attendance for the 2020 NCAA tournament. Things have changed quickly in college basketball, and the sports world at large, as concern over coronavirus rises.

Grand Canyon and Bakersfield are scheduled to play 9:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.