CBT Podcast: The Fifth Annual Why Your Team Sucks podcast ft. Brian Snow

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Rob Dauster was joined, once again, by the indefatigable Brian Snow of 24/7 Sports for the fifth annual Why Your Team Sucks podcast. If you can’t figure it out, we talk through every one of the good teams in college basketball are not, in fact, good and why they do, actually, suck.

In order:

Baylor (open)
Gonzaga (5:00)
Kansas (10:30)
SDSU (16:30)
Dayton (20:00)
Duke (26:15)
Michigan State (32:00)
Maryland (36:18)
Kentucky (42:20)
Louisville (48:00)
Villanova (52:05)
Auburn (56:00)
Oregon (58:40)
Penn State or Florida State? (1:02:00)
Which Big East team do we trust? (1:05:00)
Michigan or Texas Tech? (1:08:00)