JJ Culver scores 100 points in Wayland Baptist NAIA win

Wayward Baptist

JJ Culver made national headlines on Tuesday night by scoring 100 points during an NAIA game in Texas.

The brother of former Texas Tech star Jarrett Culver, JJ dropped 100 in nationally-ranked Wayland Baptist’s 124-60 win over Southwest Adventist. It’s only the second time ever that a player has reached 100 points in an NAIA game — the first since 1954.

Going 34-for-62 from the field, 12-for-33 from three-point range and 20-for-27 from the free-throw line, Culver reached the Wilt Chamberlain mark with an incredible 83 percent usage rate.

Culver even got the Wilt photo taken after the memorable win.

Jarrett might be the famous NBA player who helped Texas Tech to the national title game last season. JJ has the better individual story to tell during the holidays when the Culver family gets together. Scoring 100 in a game, at any level, is completely ridiculous.

Putting up 36 points per game on the season, Culver is a monster scoring threat every time he takes the floor. I’m sure he never envisioned getting the Holy Grail scoring number of basketball in a single game though.