Christian Dawkins sentenced to a year and a day in prison

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Christian Dawkins has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for each of the two bribery charges on which he was convicted.

Dawkins, an aspiring agent that ignited the FBI’s investigation into corruption in college basketball, was found guilty in May of bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery. Last October, he was convicted in a separate trial for his role in pay-to-play schemes that were developed to steer elite recruits to Adidas-sponsored basketball programs.

He was sentenced to six months in prison in March. The sentence handed down on Thursday will be served after he completes his first sentence, meaning that Dawkins will have been sentenced to 18 months and one day in prison.

“We’re not done fighting,” his attorney Steven Haney said. “This was punitive. [The government] was mad he would not cooperate, mad he wouldn’t snitch on college coaches. He was a bait fish that didn’t wiggle on the hook like they wanted him to.”