Cade Cunningham, top prospect in 2020, cuts ‘list’ to five schools

Jon Lopez/Nike

Cade Cunningham, the top prospect in the Class of 2020 and a potential No. 1 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, announced on Thursday that he had cut his list of schools to five.

Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Washington and Oklahoma State.

But that list is, frankly, meaningless.

Cade’s brother, Cannen, a former starter for Larry Brown’s SMU teams, was hired as an assistant coach. He’s all of 26 years old and his only previous college coaching experience comes in the form of an assistant video coordinator position at Tulane during their 4-27 2018-19 season. There’s a reason that Mike Boynton hired him, and that’s to ensure that the best player in high school basketball would make his way from Texas to Stillwater for his one-and-done season.

Things can always change in this business. We are still a year away from Cade enrolling in college, and the Cowboys are still squarely in the NCAA’s crosshairs thanks to former assistant coach Lamont Evans’ role in the FBI’s investigation into corruption in college hoops. There’s a non-zero chance that Oklahoma State has some sanctions coming their way, and one of the sanctions that could be on the table is a postseason ban, however unlikely that may be.

But, as the Why Your Team Sucks veteran Brian Snow put it:

Pretty much.