Glenn Robinson III shares hilarious story about new teammate Draymond Green

Jason Miller/Getty Images
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Glenn Robinson III, a former Michigan star, signed with the Golden State Warriors this offseason.

That means that he will be sharing a roster with Draymond Green, a former Michigan State star.

While that will likely lead to some trash talk in the locker room, it can’t be any worse than the first time Robinson ever heard from Green.

This story via an appearance on KNBR 680:

“I got a funny story about him from the first time I had ever talked to Draymond — actually was through a text. So, I was sitting in a summer class getting ready for my freshman year of college at Michigan.

“And I think Draymond was back and he was playing some open gyms up at Michigan State. And all of a sudden I get a text message from an unknown number and it goes, ‘Hey, you need to get up to Michigan State and come join these open gym games right now. It’s Day Day.’

“And I’m like, ‘Who? Who is Day Day? Who is this crazy dude texting me?’ Somebody cussing me out on text messages (laughter). And on the fly he’s like, ‘It’s Draymond. Get up here now.’

“First time I ever talked to him he was already yelling at me.”

That sounds like Draymond Green.