You Make The Call: Did Lamonte Turner foul Carsen Edwards?

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Tennessee’s loss to Purdue in the Sweet 16 came down to one moment at the end of the game: With the Vols up 82-80 and just 2.5 seconds left on the clock, Lamonte Turner was whistled for a foul on Carsen Edwards as Edwards shot a potential game-winning three.

Purdue, as you know, went on to win in overtime, but there was plenty of debate over whether or not the right call was made.

And frankly, I don’t even think that it’s close.

Turner very clearly makes contact with Edwards before he hits the ground, enough contact that Edwards gets knocked back in the air. He fouled him with his butt:

You may know Gene Steratore as an NFL official, but he refereed college basketball games, too, and he agrees with me.

Hell, even Tennessee head coach Rick Barnes admitted as much after the game.

“It was a foul,” Barnes said. “He missed the shot but Lamonte hit him after the shot.”

It’s a brutal call and an awful way for Turner, who was so, so, so good in the second half, to see his season come to an end.

But it was a foul.

No questions asked.