CBT Podcast: Why Your Team Sucks

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Rob Dauster was joined by Brian Snow from 247 Sports for the annual Why Your Team Sucks podcast. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we walk through all of the good teams in college basketball and tell you why each one of them sucks.

Here is the rundown:

OPEN: What a wild night of finishes in college hoops

10:40: Duke

15:50: Virginia

20:45: Kentucky

25:25: Tennessee

28:30: Gonzaga

33:40: Michigan

38:25: Michigan State

43:10: Purdue and Wisconsin

46:00: Marquette

49:35: Villanova

52:10: Nevada

55:40: Houston

58:10: Is there anyone in the Big 12 worth discussing?

1:05:06: The Pac-12 sucks