CBT Podcast: Mark Titus on Indiana hoops, Virginia-Duke and walk-on scholarships

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Rob Dauster was joined on Tuesday for the Monday Overreactions podcast by Mark Titus of One Shining Podcast and The Ringer. An Indiana native and an Ohio State alum, Titus brought some unique insight into the Big Ten as well as an appreciation for Virginia and the way they play. The two also spent time discussing Titus’ scholarship program and whether or not his live pods were any fun.

Here is the rundown:

OPEN: Titus launched a scholarship program for walk-ons that’s pretty cool.

13:15: Duke beat Virginia, and we need to talk about it.

31:50: What is wrong with Indiana, and can it be fixed?

43:10: Fact or fiction: Michigan State is better than Michigan.

50:00: Are live pods fun or hard?