VIDEO: Texas A&M provides the bad beat of the century against Kentucky

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

No. 18 Kentucky beat Texas A&M on Tuesday night, winning 85-74 in a game that the Wildcats led for the entire second half. The Aggies made a run in the second half, but Kentucky was seemingly in control for the whole night.

So why are we writing about it here?

Because as the saying goes, good teams win but great teams cover.

And Kentucky, depending on where the line was when you placed your bet, did not cover. The line opened at -12.5 is most places, moved through -13 and -14 and closed at -14.5 or -15 in most places. If you bet Kentucky, I truly hope you got them at -14.5 or -15, because if you didn’t, the last 0.8 seconds of the game was an absolute heart-breaker.

Because this is what happened:

What you don’t see is that before this shot was attempted, the teams were lining up to shake hands, but a shot clock violation on what we all assumed would be the final possession of the game meant that, by rule, the Aggies had to get their final possession.

And that happened.


If you had Kentucky -13.5, a meaningless 60-footer shot with 0.8 seconds left on the clock cost you a win.

So here’s to hoping that you, like me, booked a loss before the shot was even attempted. It makes the heartache that much easier to tolerate a smaller account.