VIDEO: LeBron James joins Bronny in layup lines, dunks

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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Fresh off of letting the world know that he regretted giving his son his name, LeBron James decided to hop into the layup line with LeBron James Jr.’s U13 AAU team at a tournament in Las Vegas this weekend.

That surely will reduce the amount of hype and media attention that comes his son’s way:

But in all seriousness, I love how involved LeBron is in his son’s life. I love that he’s at all of these games and traveling with the team. I love that he knows all of Bronny’s teammates and goes full ‘basketball dad’ at these games, going crazy in the stands and cheering for his son’s team. He’s setting a great example, and he’s giving all the kids involved in those games the thrill of a lifetime.

Keep it up, LeBron.

I’m here for all of it.