Chris Webber details how expected Michigan return came to be


Chris Webber’s lengthy estrangement from Michigan is about to come to an end thanks to his relationship with football coach Jim Harbaugh.

For years, the fellow Wolverine alums have been in contact about Webber’s potential return to Ann Arbor.

“He’s asking me maybe three years in a row to come back,” Webber said Thursday on the Dan Patrick Show.

His response, though, was always the same.

“I love the university. I’ll be back. I don’t think this is the right time,” Webber said.

But when Harbaugh asked him again recently while Webber was making a charity appearance, he committed to coming back for a football game this fall.

“I thank him for asking me,” Webber said, “and I definitely want to show up and have some fun with it.”

Webber has stayed at arm’s length from the university since his Fab Five days (which ended with an infamous timeout) and the Ed Martin booster scandal. He didn’t participate in the recent Fab Five documentary, and he said the only time he’s been back on campus was quietly for his cousin’s graduation.

“After I called the timeout, I was on a mission to right every wrong,” Webber told Patrick. “You want to win a championship. It was never a thing I wasn’t going back. It was, ‘I got business to do and when I come back holding this trophy, I got you,’ that type of thing.”

Of course, that championship never came same as the reconciliation between school, program and former star

This fall, that figures to at least start to change.