Lawsuit alleges Isaac Haas lied about STD, infected multiple women

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
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A lawsuit filed in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, by a woman named Alyssa Chambers alleges that former Purdue star Isaac Haas infected her with herpes after lying about whether he had the incurable disease.

Chambers, who is suing for $1 million, claims in the lawsuit, which was obtained by the Journal & Courier, that she and Haas hooked up on May 15, 2017, and that just a couple of weeks later, she tested positive for the STD.

She did not have sexual contact with anyone else between the encounter with Haas and the time she was tested, the lawsuit alleges, while also claiming that he told her that he had had chlamydia at one point but was, at the time, clean.

There is another part of this lawsuit that gets even more confusing. Chambers also names Madison Millsaps and Purdue University as defendants, claiming that Millsaps and a member of Purdue’s coaching staff tried to cover for Haas and deny any knowledge of his infection.

The lawsuit alleges that Millsaps initially contacted Chambers to alert her that Haas had infected multiple other women before her, but then retracted that statement after hearing from a member of Purdue’s coaching staff that there was a lawsuit in the works.