Rick Pitino defends honor on Dan Patrick Show


Rick Pitino has been on a publicity tour that no one seems to be paying any attention to.

The disgraced Louisville head coach offered up yet another interview on Thursday morning, going on the Dan Patrick Show to — again — try and convince the world that his name should be cleared of any wrongdoing involving all of the scandals that he has been involved in.

What happened on the DP Show this morning was no different. This quote, which was followed by Pitino acknowledging that he wouldn’t believe another coach if they said what he’s saying, sums it all up:

“I think in two years everything will come out and they’ll say, ‘Man, that guy was really railroaded out of this business,'” Pitino said. “And then nobody will care. It will last a day and nobody will care.”

What was perhaps more interesting in this interview is that Pitino shed some light on the rumors that he might be in the mix to replace Danny Hurley at Rhode Island.

“I’ve only been contacted by one school,” Pitino said, adding that was not Rhode Island. “It was a nice situation, and we talked and I met with them, but it did not fit for me and it did not fit for them. You know what I realized, Dan, is it’s probably not going to work for me in college basketball.”

“Because one of the schools was very interested in me called me and said, ‘Look, Coach, you showed us everything that you have.’ From a factual standpoint, all of the evidence I gave The Washington Post, and they said, ‘We believe in you wholeheartedly. The problem is we called the NCAA, and the NCAA said we cannot investigate anybody. Any school, any person. We can’t tell you if they’re innocent or guilty because the FBI has told us not to investigate until their case is closed. So, that’s just the way it is.”

Pitino previously had allowed The Washington Post to embed with him in South Florida.

And he also admitted that his son has tried to convince him to stop doing interviews because “nobody cares.”