CBT Podcast: Did Deandre Hunter break your NCAA tournament bracket?

Eric Espada/Getty Images

Dalen Cuff joined Rob Dauster for the final bracket breakdown episode, and you can tell the guys were wired because they ended up on tangents talking about the Ivy League, Joel Berry II crying and Harry Kane’s (who?) ankle. Anyway, there is plenty of NCAA tournament goodness in this pod. The rundown:

OPEN: Dalen doesn’t drink coffee, and a deep dive into Virginia, Deandre Hunter and what his injury means.

9:35: Can Penn upset Kansas turns into a fascinating discussion about power dynamics in the Ivy League.

18:45: Who is this year’s Shabazz Napier?

23:25: Who is this year’s Adam Morrison?

25:00: So what’s going on with this West Region?

34:15: Lightening Round Questions!