CBT Podcast: Michigan wins the Big Ten, Duke’s rise continues, Florida and Cincinnati shine

Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Fresh off of covering the Big Ten tournament Rob Dauster was joined by Brendan Quinn, The Athletic Detroit’s beat-writer for both Michigan and Michigan State hoops, to talk about John Beilein’s run to a Big Ten title for the second straight season. Dauster was also joined by Sam Vecenie of the Game Theory podcast who walked us through Duke’s win over North Carolina, Cincinnati winning the American and Florida knocking off Kentucky. The rundown:

OPEN: Michigan hired a defensive coordinator this season. We wrote about that here. Brendan talked about it on the podcast.

13:15: Why is John Beilein such a good tournament coach?

18:20: Duke is the best team in college basketball. They just are.

31:45: Cincinnati won the American. Can they get to the Final Four?

38:30: Neither Florida nor Kentucky make sense. So we try to talk it out.