Report: Arizona calls for special board meeting for Sean Miller

(Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

Arizona and head coach Sean Miller continue to negotiate his future, with a special board meeting being called for Thursday.

According to a report from Evan Daniels and Josh Gershon of 247Sports, Miller’s lawyers and the University of Arizona spoke on Tuesday and continued into Wednesday with no resolution to Miller’s situation. Miller has stepped away from the team since a report early last weekend that he allegedly spoke on a wiretapped call with former ASM sports associate Christian Dawkins. The FBI wiretapped conversation allegedly included a discussion in which Miller ensured that Deandre Ayton would go to Arizona with a $100,000 payment.

Miller has fought for his return to Arizona since stepping aside, as he didn’t coach Arizona’s Saturday night loss to Oregon on the road. Reports have also called into question the timeframe of the alleged calls between Miller and Dawkins and ESPN has listed two corrections from its original report.

Thursday looks like an important day for Arizona and Miller as Bruce Pascoe of the Arizona Daily Star is reporting that the Arizona Regents have called for a special board meeting. The intent of the meeting, according to Pascoe, is “for legal advice and discussion regarding University of Arizona men’s basketball and the multiple-year employment contract for the men’s basketball coach.”

While it looks like a stalemate is currently happening, the special Thursday meeting could accelerate the status of Miller’s future as the program probably wants to have this figured out with the Pac-12 Tournament looming.