VIDEO: Iowa’s Jordan Bohannon misses free throw to keep Chris Street’s record intact

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

If you don’t know the name Chris Street, you’ve never spent much time in Iowa. Street was a star for the Hawkeyes in the early 90s. But as a junior, he was killed tragically on January 19th, 1993, when the car he was driving was struck by a snowplow. It was three days after a game at Duke and the day before a game against Northwestern. He was, and still is, revered in that state’s basketball community. Why it’s relevant here is that when Street died, he had made 34 straight free throws, a school-record. Current Hawkeye Jordan Bohannon was approaching that record this season. He had a chance to break the record on Sunday night against Northwestern … and his missed the free throw:

It was way short, and the announcers at the time thought that was weird. As it turns out, Bohannon missed the free throw intentionally. “That’s not my record to have,” Bohannon said. “That record deserves to stay in his name.”

In a week where the publicity has been nothing but negative for the sport of college basketball, it’s nice to cap it off with something like this. It’s nice to see a college kid get it, but you shouldn’t be surprised that a Bohannon does. His father was a Hawkeye QB, and his three older brothers played at Wisconsin, Air Force and Northern Iowa. Bravo, Jordan.