CBT Podcast: Monday Overreactions!: Texas Tech is winning the Big 12, Kentucky is fine, wild Big Ten/Big East/WCC races

John Weast/Getty Images

The Monday Overreactions podcast is back with a vengeance. Rob Dauster was joined by Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports to go over a wild, wild weekend in college basketball. They start with a deep dive into Sunday’s bracket reveal and what it tells us about the way the Selection Committee is evaluating the field this year. We also dive into title races in the Big Ten, Big 12, Big East and WCC while talking about Kentucky’s disaster against Texas A&M and the possible return of Michael Porter Jr. for Missouri. Here is the rundown.

OPEN: Who drinks sour beers?

3:40: Breaking down the bracket reveal

14:35: Can Xavier or Saint Mary’s pull out a regular season conference title?

22:05: Overreactions! Kentucky is in no actual danger of missing the NCAA tournament.

27:55: Tangent No. 1: Is Texas A&M back?

31:30: Tangent No. 2: So let’s talk about Michael Porter Jr. and his attempted comeback.

38:15: Back to the overreactions: Texas Tech is winning

45:35: The best team in the Big Ten is …