North Carolina’s Jalek Felton is ‘not being punished,’ lawyer says

Grant Halverson/Getty Images
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Jalek Felton was suspended by the University of North Carolina yesterday, and according to his lawyer, that suspension is not a punishment.

“It’s not a sanction, and he’s not being punished for something,” Kerry Sutton, a Durham attorney representing Felton, told the News & Observer. “That’s just something the school does while they gather information, and that’s what we’re doing at this point, as well – we’re gathering information.”

She did not detail what, if any, allegations were levied against Felton, citing federal privacy laws, but this appears to be a situation where the school wanted Felton off campus while they investigate.

Head coach Roy Williams was asked whether or not what happened with Felton was a reaction to the still-unfolding story regarding Tom Izzo and Michigan State. Here is his answer:

“I had nothing to do with how it was handled, so I can’t answer that. And that’s probably all I should say because I have been advised not to say anything and don’t know enough to say anything. I didn’t have anything to do with it and I don’t know enough about it.”

North Carolina lost their third straight game on Tuesday night.