Report: Louisville loses NCAA appeal

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Dan Dakich is a lot of things.

A color commentator for ESPN. A radio host in Indianapolis. A former Indiana head coach.

And, apparently, a college basketball news breaker.

On his radio on Wednesday, Dakich reported that Louisville’s appeal to the NCAA over the sanctions levied against them for the stripper scandal has been denied. He said that Louisville will have to vacate the wins for those seasons — including taking down the 2013 title banner — and that they will have to repay as much as $15 million in funds received from the NCAA tournament in those seasons.

Dakich has gotten some news right in the past. He also said that Steve Alford was a done deal to become Indiana’s next head coach and insinuated that Marvin Bagley III was heading to UCLA. So keep that in mind before taking this report as gospel.

This scandal — not the one that cost Rick Pitino his job, mind you — also resulted in Louisville self-imposing a ban for the 2016 NCAA tournament.

Whether or not the school will face additional punishment over their recruitment of Brian Bowen, whose father was alleged to have been paid more than $19,000 for Brian’s enrollment at Louisville, is yet to be known.