CBT Podcast: Monday Overreactions Podcast!

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In today’s podcast, Rob Dauster rolls through everything that happened in a wild weekend of college basketball, from Villanova losing to Butler to Arizona playing Arizona State on a channel no one can watch to Duke’s win, Texas A&M’s loss and Louisville’s embarrassment of a performance.

Here are the timecodes for each topic:

  • Open: with a discussion about why Villanova, Michigan State and Duke all have a claim on the No. 1 spot in the rankings.
  • 9:53: This story I wrote about Seton Hall’s seniors and why they are one of the best things about college basketball this season.
  • 18:16: Kentucky’s obliteration of Louisville on Friday.
  • 23:03: Arizona-Arizona State, and why the Pac-12 missed a massive opportunity with this game.
  • 25:40: Is Trae Young the best guard in the history of college guards?
  • 28:14: Why Alabama locked up a tournament spot.