VIDEO: Colorado assistant Kim English gets bizarre technical foul trying to retrieve water bottle


Colorado assistant coach Kim English picked up one of the most bizarre technical fouls you’ll see on Friday night.

As the Buffaloes were battling Iowa in South Dakota, English attempted to briefly go on the court to retrieve an errant water bottle that rolled on the floor after a free throw.

Unfortunately for English, his timing could not have been worse.

As Colorado’s Tyler Bey missed a free throw, the ball was back-tapped all the way in front of the Colorado bench, where English took the loose ball to the head while trying to discreetly get the bottle off the floor.

English was doing the right thing by trying to get the bottle off the floor. But since the ball hit him while he was on the court, Colorado was issued a Class B technical foul.

Iowa was given one free throw. The possession arrow took care of the rest. The Hawkeyes held off Colorado for the 80-73 win.