Kentucky head coach John Calipari rides camels, shoots down Knicks rumors


It’s a rite of passage every summer: John Calipari gets linked to an NBA job, John Calipari shoots down said links to said head coaching jobs, John Calipari gets a raise from Kentucky.

Last night, it was a link with the New York Knicks that popped up, as a report made the rounds that someone in the Calipari camp had reached out to the Knicks about the opening created when Phil Jackson was fired.

And Cal shot it down as only Cal can, tweeting  that “NO ONE has contacted the Knicks on my behalf. I am the coach at Kentucky and will be for a long time!” and that “Even in Egypt I can’t escape the rumors. Are you kidding me?! It’s 5 in the morning here and this is what I wake up to?”

He then proceeded to flood twitter feeds with pictures of himself at the Great Pyramids and riding camels: