VIDEO: LaVar Ball to Kristine Leahy: ‘Stay in your lane’

Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

We cannot go a week these days without LaVar Ball finding a way to make headlines, and he did just that on Wednesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after it became clear that Lonzo would very likely end up getting drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers.

The latest drama came as Ball, who is the father of departing UCLA point guard Lonzo and incoming UCLA shooting guard LiAngelo, squared off with Kristine Leahy, who is Colin Cowherd’s co-host. Leahy has been critical of Big Baller Band and Ball decided that he did not want to speak to or look at her during the interview.

So he spent the entire interview with his back to Leahy, telling her to “stay in her lane” on two different occasions. Ball also said that “I never disrespect women, but if you act like that, guess what: something’s coming to you.”

Ball also managed to sneak in a shot at another FOX talking head, Jason Whitlock, who he said “can’t comment on anything but snacks.”