Luke Kennard’s hometown dealing with crime wave as thieves target Mr. Basketball signs

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

A crime-wave has hit Luke Kennard’s hometown of Franklin, Ohio.

It seems people cannot stop stealing signs declaring Franklin the home of Ohio’s two-time Mr. Basketball.

Franklin is not a large town — population 11,771, according to Wikipedia — and they are awful proud of producing Kennard, who twice won Mr. Basketball in the state of Ohio and had more career points in high school than LeBron James.

How proud?

Well, they made five signs at the entry points for the town that let everyone entering Franklin that, yes, it was indeed the home of Luke Kennard. Well, since Kennard has declared for the NBA Draft, two of those five signs have been stolen, forcing the other three to be taken down as a precaution.

Those signs reportedly cost $155.00 to make, making the thieves that swiped those signs quite possibly the dumbest criminals since this guy.