Roy Williams responds to Maryland president by calling him a ‘double idiot’

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fresh off of his third national title as the head coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels, Roy Williams felt the need to get some things off of his chest this week.

He vented on Sirius XM College Sports about the way that he’s been treated and the way the program’s been treated and all the typical coach-speak you’d expect out of him when talking about the academic scandal hanging over UNC’s head.

But things got really good when he was asked about Maryland president Wallace Loh saying UNC deserved the death penalty.

“Some people in the media that I never thought would go out and say things without all the information,” Williams said. “Then we have a president that says we should get the death penalty, the president of another university, and to me that’s just so silly. A guy told me one time that if you got a little knowledge, it turns you into an idiot, but no knowledge and you’re a double-idiot. That’s about the way I look at that thing.”

I’d love to meet the guy that taught Williams what a double-idiot is.