Louisville thought sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson was stealing plays

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Rick Pitino’s Louisville team learned a lesson about the NCAA tournament in their opening round game against No. 15 seed Jacksonville State: The media is going to be everywhere.

And when I say everywhere, I mean even in the team huddles.

“This is a very inexperienced team. We’re down two scholarships. Our backcourt’s a little thin,” Pitino told reporters after No. 2 Louisville beat No. 15 Jacksonville State on Friday, failing to mention that last year’s self-imposed postseason kept the sophomore core of this team from playing in the NCAA tournament. “Show you how inexperienced we are, one of my players said there’s a lady in the huddle stealing our plays, Tracy Wolfson. They thought she was giving it to the other team.”

“I told Donovan, she’s not doing that … no, it wasn’t him.”

The more you know …