LaVar Ball goes off the deep end, says Lonzo Ball is better than LeBron James


LaVar can’t help himself.

If you put a microphone or a tape recorder in front of his face he’s going to make some extreme proclamations. The latest occurrence of the elder Ball going off the deep end happened during an interview with Time Magazine. In the piece, Ball is quoted as saying the following:

“To me Zo is the best player in the world,” LaVar says. Yes, even better than all-stars LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. “I don’t know if he can beat them one on one,” Ball says, conceding the NBA stars are stronger than his son, the Pac-12 freshman of the year and an expected top pick in the upcoming NBA draft. “But I know he can beat them 5 on 5.”

LaVar is nothing more than a one-trick pony at this point. We put him on television or radio, he makes some hyperbolic statement, we react. Rinse, repeat.

You have to wonder if he even believes what he’s saying at this point. Perhaps, he knows that another outrageous statement will result in another television interview or photo spread with his Big Baller Brand logo smeared all over it.