Thad Matta: Opposing coach ‘told a recruit I was dying’

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

There has been some talk in coaching circles that Thad Matta’s tenure with Ohio State may be coming to a close soon. He hasn’t had the kind of success that you would expect out of Ohio State in the last few years, and whenever that happens, the rumors pop up.

Earlier this week, there were reports that Matta would be returning to coach the Buckeyes for the 2017-18 season. During a recent press conference, talking about his health and the concerns about his job status, Matta put the rumors of his impending departure to rest, while also telling a story about just how badly negative recruiting works.

“Somebody told a recruit I was dying,” Matta told reporters. “Swear to God. Not that my foot doesn’t lift, that I was going to die. It’s a tough business I’m in here.”

That’s … pretty impressive, actually.

And takes some stones.

Hard to believe that anyone wanted Mark Titus this badly.