Saint Louis victims of rogue bus driver?

Saint Louis Men's Basketball

Saint Louis’ season hasn’t been one to remember, but the Billikens had a night that few will likely ever forget Wednesday.

After losing to St. Bonaventure, 70-55, Saint Louis was, quite naturally, ready to get on their way back home to lick their wounds.

Only problem was, their bus driver had split.

That’s right. St. Louis got ditched by its bus driver, and the story only gets weirder from here.

The driver’s location was, and this is pretty amazing, discovered by using the tracking function on coach Travis Ford’s iPad, which he left on the bus.

Now, here’s where it gets even more wild. When the cops found the bus, it apparently didn’t immediately pull over.


I haven’t been this interested in a bus driver since ‘Speed’ came out in 1994.

Was there a misunderstanding? Did she just get sick of waiting for the team and had dinner reservations? Trying to catch a late movie? Was she trying to make for Canada to make it rich on the basketball equipment black market?

God bless college basketball and all the wackiness it inspires.

UPDATE (9:00 a.m. ET): Whoa: