PHOTO: Butler sends note to Creighton guard Mo Watson wishing him well

Eric Francis/Getty Images

Creighton point guard Mo Watson Jr. was having the season of his dreams.

He was leading the nation in assists, he was playing at an all-american level and he was the engine of a team that was good enough to win the Big East and get to a Final Four.

And then he tore his ACL.

We’ve written plenty about what this injury means and why it’s such a brutal loss for Creighton – and college basketball in general. But we aren’t the only ones that recognized that. So did Butler, Creighton’s Big East rival, who sent this note to Watson:

“We were all saddened to learn about your knee injury,” the letter said. “You were such a tough player to prepare for and one heck of a competitor. The league will miss having you in it. We wish you all the best on a speedy recovery.”

The bluejays look like they’re on their way back to relevance, and they get a game at home this weekend against Xavier to prove it.