VIDEO: Fight with UAB leaves Louisiana Tech with four players after benches clear

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Louisiana Tech had to finish their game at UAB on Thursday night with just four players after a bench-clearing brawl resulted in mass ejections for both teams.

The fight happened with UAB up 63-50 with 6:03 left. The Blazers would eventually win 79-70.

UAB finished the game with just six players available:

Here is another angle of the brawl from the opposite baseline:

The fight was started by UAB’s Hakeem Baxter, who threw a punch at Louisiana Tech’s Jacobi Boykins. And while the number of players on the court would make you believe that there were fisticuffs, the majority of the suspensions were due to players leaving the bench during a fight.

That’s an automatic ejection, which is why Louisiana Tech, as you see below, has no one on their bench other than head coach Erik Konkol and the four players left: