Florida State assistant on Grayson Allen: ‘Was not a dirty play’

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The latest non-troversy surrounding Grayson Allen involved a collision last night with Dennis Gates, an assistant coach on Florida State.

Allen hustled after a loose ball and dove into the Florida State bench to try and save it. In the process, he collided with a couple people on the bench. When the video is slowed way down, Allen’s arms are extended, which sent social media into a frenzy.


But if you ask Gates, the latest furor is stupid and misplaced.

“I misread Grayson Allen’s speed the same way you all are misreading the clip,” Gates said. “It was our lower body that made the most contact. I did not feel in anyway attacked or disrespected.”

“All I view it to be is ‘a great hustle play’. Nothing more, nothing less. I know what a dirty play is and I was not the victim of one.”

Hopefully, that will put this issue to rest.

But I promise you it will not be the last time Allen’s name makes headlines for something that happens during a game.