VIDEO: Jordan Caroline caps Nevada’s insane comeback in overtime


The video you see above is Jordan Caroline hitting a game-winning three with four seconds left in overtime as Nevada went into The Pit and knocked off New Mexico in overtime.

Fun finish, right?

You have no idea.

Caroline had 45 points, 13 points, nine assists and five blocks in this game, the second-most points scored in a game this season (Hi, Malik Monk!) and easily the most dominant all-around performance of the year.

And Nevada needed every single one of his points, because the Wolfpack trailed New Mexico by 25 points with 11 minutes left in the game. They were down 17 points with 2:42 left. They were down nine with 45 seconds left. After forcing overtime, Nevada also fell behind by five points in the extra frame.

“You never know what can happen,” Caroline said. “Keep playing. Keep scrapping. Keep fighting. And I felt like we showed great resilience as a team and perseverance and toughness.”

Marcus Marshall, Nevada’s leading scorer, deserves some credit for being a hero as well, as he scored 26 points, including a quartet of threes in the final minute of regulation that spurred on the comeback.

Here is the full video of the comeback, which was as good as you’ll ever see:

The 25-point comeback is the eighth-largest second half deficit overcome in NCAA history.

No wonder the team was so excited after the game.