VIDEO: Marshall’s Dan D’Antoni schools reporter on basketball analytics

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Dan D’Antoni is the head coach of the Marshall basketball team. He’s also the brother of Mike D’Antoni, the head coach of the Houston Rockets. Dan’s Thundering Herd play one of the most entertaining styles of basketball in the country, running and gunning and firing up threes as quickly as anyone.

They’re fifth nationally in tempo. A crisp 41.9 percent of their field goals attempts come from beyond the arc. They make 39.0 percent of those threes. Marshall hasn’t quite gotten the results yet – they’re 7-6 on the season – but they took Cincinnati to overtime and they lost to Pitt 112-106, both games coming on the road.

On Wednesday night, after D’Antoni was asked by a reporter why they never get the ball into the paint, he launched into an epic, analytics-based rant about the value of the three-ball which included the line, “I haven’t finished my daggone analytics story yet. Do you have to go to bed or something?”

Check it out: