Report: North Carolina receives a third Notice of Allegations

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

North Carolina has received a third Notice of Allegations in the NCAA’s investigation into academic fraud within the university’s athletic programs, according to a report from Inside Carolina.

The university received the initial NOA in May of 2015, but the following spring, in May of 2016, the NCAA issued an amended NOA, one that removed reference to the men’s basketball team and head coach Roy Williams while relabeling any academic benefit that the athletes may have received as a failure to monitor athletic support as opposed to the initial determination, that it was an improper benefits violation.

According to the report, the latest NOA has reinstated aspects of the first NOA that were amended in the second NOA.

That NOA could be released as soon as this week. (If you thought Friday news dumps were a way to bury news, North Carolina is on another level with Christmas news dumps.)

North Carolina will have 90 days to responded to this NOA and the NCAA will have 60 days after that ro respond to the response.

In other words, we’ll likely be waiting until at least May or June, assuming there are no more NOAs left to be released, to get an answer on the saga that never ends.