Wright State forward adds insult to injury with posterization


Wright State defeated Division II Urbana by 51 points on Tuesday night.

Adding insult to injury, Wright State senior forward absolutely slammed on a defender, a posterization that put the Raiders up 38-14 with more than two minutes remaining before halftime.

But wait it get’s worse.

Look at the player in the all-blue track suit at the end of the Urbana bench.

He left. He headed for the tunnel. This is like the Atlanta Hawks giving high-fives to each other on the bench as Larry Bird went for 60 in 1985. Or more recently, the Houston Rockets reacting to Gerald Green’s windmill, alley-oop dunk. Just so disrespectful to a teammate.

In an 85-34 win, the 6-foot-8 Davis had a game-high 26 points, off 8-of-14 shooting, to go along with three rebounds and two steals.